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Lisa is the BEST instructor I have ever had!  Most times you dread First Aid courses, it was fun, informational and the 2 days just flew by. Thank you so much


I have taken first aid course over the last 20 years and this BY FAR was the BEST course I have ever attended. The real life experience Lisa has and the fun activities made this course super! I look forward to next year :) 

                 ` Ann

An ABSOLUTELY AWESOME course! Best Instructor EVER! 

Lisa is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and passionate on the topic! 

She is SAVING and CHANGING lives!


WHAT A BLAST! Lisa makes this course more like an exciting adventure rather than a First Aid course! The time flies by and you learn sooooo much!

YOU ROCK.....see you in 3 years!

                     ` Justine

Lisa is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met! I met her when I was was trying to find the right direction to take in the horse world.....she mentored me and pointed me in the right direction! I can NEVER thank her enough for changing my life and path.

                       ` Sarah

The animal industry has one of the MOST vauable tools, like a hidden gem! Lisa is my go to for anything either large or small animal related!

                     ` Melanie

Want a successful career with all the right knowledge and an instructor who really cares about you! One of the most compassionate people you will ever meet!

                       `  Jannah