Equine & Pet Programs & Seminars

Pet First Aid

This course runs for 7 hours and is packed with valuable information from basic first aid to CPR for dogs and cats. Some fun tips and tricks and certainly a sharing of photographs of everyone's beautiful pet. This course is offered as a certified St. John Ambulance Course.

Offered throughout SD&G / Chesterville Minimum 4 participants

Cost: $125.00/pp

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Emergency Equine First Aid - Seminar

This seminar is both theory and practical based. It is offered in a wide variety of arrangements. 

2 hour- basic discussion - $30.00/pp

4 hour- Modified Course - $60.00/pp

6 hour-Full Basic Course - 120.00/pp

4 Hour- Children's Course - $40.00/pp

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Equine Basic - Seminar

This seminar is offered over a 2 day period and is both hands-on and theory based. This seminar is ideal for those participants new to the equine industry OR would like to learn more knowledge on the industry. 

We recommend both the Equine Basis and the Equine First Aid for these participants.

Private seminars are available with a minimum of 4 participants 

Cost of this program: $145.00

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Equine Management Certificate

8 week curriculum

This 8 week Equine Management Program consists of theory based knowledge followed by hands on practical.

The specific design of this course is to offer the participants an opportunity to gain a well rounded understanding of the equine industry by today's standards. 

With the incredible support of Veterinarians, Nutritionist, Farriers & many more industry leaders, this program was designed to ready the participants to a high standard of knowledge.

Theory & Practical

Classroom & Labs - 5 weeks

Practical / Work Experience - 2 weeks

Wrap up and Graduation - 1 week

Participant Application & Cost

NOTE CHANGES: Due to the announcement from the government with respects to education funding. The EQUINE MANAGEMENT HAS BEEN CHANGED TO SEPTEMBER 9,2019. 

With funding promises comes a rate reduction: Tuition has been reduced to  $3500.00 

To Apply : 

Please email: 

trainnowontario@gmail.com and submit the application below in full to be considered for this program. Please also indicate the program date that you wish to apply for. 


You must be 16 or older and have the permission of a guardian to apply!

SEATS ARE LIMITED to 10 participants per session.

 * Financial Aid is available *

* Accommodations can be arranged for those participants who require this *

Cost: $3500.00 + HST ( includes all course materials and certifications)

Program requires $1500.00 deposit upon acceptance, with remaining balance due prior to placements.

Registration MUST be received no later than August 21, 2019  for September 9 program.

Current Program Begins: 


Program will consist on 1 intake per year  for 2019 and will ONLY accept 15 students for this year. 

This is on a FIRST registration basis.  


PDF application Must be downloaded & saved


Equine Program 

Equine Program Fillable (pdf)



Cancellation policy (pdf)